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In a body and breath-based therapy session, you might expect to learn the following: Dynamic Movement and Pranayama are two of the greatest gifts we've received from ancient healing practices.  Dynamic Movement --  developing the body,  Pranayama - developing the mind.   When we incorporate controlled breathing (pranayama) with our movement, we not only increase our vitality, energy and immunity – we also raise our vibration -- our inner awareness.  

Pranayama serves as an important bridge between the outward, active practice of dynamic movement——and the internal, surrendering practices ——those which lead us into deeper states of meditation.  

Pranayama is a profound practice that should be taken seriously. It has a whole host of health benefits and is probably one of the most effective tools there is for holistic health. It works primarily on the nervous system, and through that, it has an influence on pretty much every other system in the body.  It can improve your digestion, the health of your cells, your mood, your ability to concentrate, to relax, your cardiovascular health, your heart rate, your breath function, the health of your organs, and so much more.

Pranayama, as with anything, needs regular practice and commitment to start being internalized and genuinely felt.   If you are needing guidance and support, I have a host of videos on my Personal Facebook Page that are readily available for public viewing. There is something for everyone. The start of each practice focuses on the combination of dynamic movement and breath, moving into a seated pranayama practice, closing with guided visualization/meditation, and a group Reiki healing session to seal it all in.  


The beauty of breath and beyond..  Our BREATH! It is one of the most underutilized tools that we have at our disposal at any point in time. With just one breath, we can transform our energy from lackluster to liveliness, fear into excitement, frustration into clarity. 

  • Are you interested in learning more about the practice of pranayama?  
  • Looking to deepen an existing practice?  
  • Curious about all the great effects of combining movement with breath?   
  • To learn more about its profound ability to heal trauma?

All of these and more are great reasons to reach out. I am available for one on one instruction, as well as group classes. This is powerful practice to bring into the workplace. Boosting energy, mood and immunity – fostering a happier and healthier work environment.


Dynamic Movement, Reiki, and Pranayama are also powerful tools for RELEASING TRAUMA AND FEAR STUCK IN THE BODY.

Unprocessed, negative, and suppressed emotions, fear and trauma, oppressed behaviours, can get trapped and stored in the body and become energetic blocks that often take a physical toll on ones body. Talk therapy often helps us to identify these fears and traumas, but isn’t always able to dislodge them from the body. These traumas and blocks can stay in the body from childhood. Building up as scar tissue, stored in our cellular memory, within our muscles; all of which hold us back from leading the life we were meant to live. Breathwork is an incredibly powerful tool to help unblock, unravel and release fear, traumas, limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Reiki & Trauma Healing:   How can Reiki be used to heal trauma?

Reiki & Trauma Healing: How can Reiki be used to heal trauma?Reiki & Trauma Healing: How can Reiki be used to heal trauma?Using Movement & Breath to Heal From Trauma

It appears every time we tune into the news, something catastrophic is happening. We are all exposed to trauma on many levels, multiple times a day. As traumatic events seem to be more prevalent or perhaps just more publicized, there is a need to understand how to cope with traumatic experiences - whether first-hand or secondary.

Trauma can affect us physically, change our behaviours, intensify our emotions, and transform our psyches. Often, our reactions to trauma can include denial, anxiety, fear and helplessness. Beliefs, views and relationships can be challenged. Healing from trauma is possible, and this healing can be fosters by bringing the body into the therapeutic process.

As we know, processing feelings and emotions is central to the therapeutic process. Such an expression can freely occur, or it can become blocked in the body. Such blocks often occur as the result of trauma, and working through the body can help to foster the expression.

Why focus on the body, breath and movement?

  • to encourage feeling safe again
  • to increase self awareness, present moment experience
  • to integrate the verbal and non verbal experience
  • to incorporate thoughts, emotions, and body-felt sensations
  • to work with sensation and movement to affect symptoms and promote change
  • to regain a sense of control over the body, developing skills to self regulate
  • to decrease stress and increase endorphins - our feel good chemicals

Body Focused Sessions with approaches like breath work (pranayama), dynamic movement, meditation and relaxation techniques, can directly affect symptoms a person might experience following a traumatic event (symptoms such as hyper-arousal, numbing, dissociation, isolation, depression, anxiety, and feeling out of control .

It was through a combination of movement, breath, sound and energy work (Reiki) that I was finally able to FREE myself from decades and lifetimes of trauma. As I always share in my breath and movement practices.

"That which we resist persists."

"We must FEEL it in order to FREE it."

"What we GO through we GROW through. "

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are needing support. I am here to help guide and re-awaken the healer that resides within each of us. Through breath, movement, sound and stillness we can transform trauma into triumph. Returning to wholeness. That of our birthright.

Reiki & Trauma Healing: How can Reiki be used to heal trauma?

Tracey Hamm

Wholistic Therapist, Reiki Master

Certified Reflexologist

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