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Monthly Community Reiki Share 

May we gather together in a casual atmosphere of friendship and connection, with the shared intention of giving and receiving Reiki.

All are welcome! Reiki practitioners from all lineages, or anyone with an interest in Reiki. First time receivers to master healers. You will be able to give and receive Reiki If you have Reiki training level one or above. If you do not have training, simply allow yourself to receive.

Reiki is a gentle, natural, and safe energy healing technique. Reiki helps you cleanse, balance, and restore on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Reiki has been shown to have many benefits, such as...

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Healing trauma
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Repairing relationships
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Revealing your Life Path

💫 FREE to attend = 3rd Saturday of Every Month

  • Saturday | Sept 18 | 630 - 830 pm
  • Saturday | Oct 16 | 630 - 830 pm
  • Saturday | Nov 20 | 630 - 830 pm
  • Saturday | Dec 18 | 630 - 830 pm

💫LOCATION:   2744 - 16 Ave SW, Unit B

💫 Maximum 8 participants  

🧘‍♀️ TO REGISTER:   

Lots of Street Parking

💫What to Bring:

  • Water Bottle, Comfortable Clothing 

Osho's Nadabrahma Meditation 

A journey through breath and stillness; sharing energy and space as we collectively open ourselves up to the unknown.


We will begin the journey with a gentle Pranayama (breathwork) practice to ground and connect. I will then guide us through the 3 stages of Osho’s Nadabrahama Meditation.  A beautiful heart centred practice for all levels of meditators.  

💫 All are welcome! 

💫 FREE to attend.

🧘‍♀️   Time:  5 - 630 PM

  • Saturday | July 10
  • Saturday | July 17
  • Saturday | July 31 
  • Saturday | Aug 7
  • Saturday | Aug 14
  • Saturday | Aug 21
  • Saturday | Aug 28
  • Fall Dates TBA

💫 LOCATION: 2744 - 16 Ave SW, Unit B  (Lots of Street Parking)

💫 Maximum 8 participants 


  • Please send message by Text: (403) 971-1762 or
    Email:; and I will follow up to confirm attendance based on availability.

💫What to Bring:

  • Water Bottle
  • Yoga Mat
  • Comfy Clothes
  • I do have extra bolsters, blocks and blankets.
    Feel free to bring your own if you have.

Please feel FREE to enjoy the Pranayama, Dynamic Movement, Mantra & Sound, Reiki & Stillness Practices that are available for REPLAY on my personal Facebook Page.

When it was mandated that all Wellness Services cease operation, I was guided to share some of the techniques that I've learned and developed upon over the years for my own healing and transformational journey.   There are close to three months worth of videos available:
     * Dynamic Movement - Breath - Sound = Stillness
     * Nadabrahma Meditations
     * Chakra Talks with Breath & Movement

👊 We get our breath on!

👊 Our bodies moving!

🙌 We Move! 🕺 We Breathe! 👃 We Shake! 🙌 We Receive! 🧘‍♀️

👉Giving our bodies a quick reset with dynamic movement and intentional breathing.

🙌 Enhancing our lung capacity, sinus health, energizing our physical, mental and emotional bodies, boosting our mood and immune system - while also nourishing our internal organs, and releasing any locked-in trauma.

👊 The synergy of breath, movement and sound is a powerful and transformative practice. Giving us the tools to live a better life - so let’s not miss a single beat.

Nourishing the body, mind, and spirit through BREATH. 🌱

👉 Our BREATH! It is one of the most under utilized tools that we have at our disposal at any point in time. With just one breath, we can transform our energy from lackluster to liveliness, fear into excitement, frustration into clarity.

👉 Please enjoy this LIVE Nourishing Pranayama Practice on the REPLAY

I guide us through a series of breath sequences. Some of which are more energizing for the body, as well as those that are designed to bring about a sense of calm to our nervous system.

Tools that you can use to help shift your energy, mood and immunity in a moments notice.

Breath is Life 🌿

Reiki Infused Sacred Sound Journey |  Bi-Monthly Offering

We invite you to join us for a relaxing, empowering and transformational evening, incorporating the energy vibration of reiki, sacred sound, and toning.


Come as you are. Allow the elements and energy to move through you, within you, and all around you. A nurturing space to simply be.


The combination of Reiki and sound creates a deeply relaxing experience, leading you to feel rejuvenated and restored. Soothing tones from the chakra tuned singing bowls infused with the deeply healing energies of Reiki will gently rebalance your body's energy centres promoting physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Reiki experience will consist of a combination of hands-I on & hands-off techniques, connecting you with the ancient energies of the universe.


To enhance the healing, sound alchemist Roxanne Smith, will play deeply restorative and transformational vibrational sounds guiding you to reflect inwards offering the opportunity to let go.

Waiting on Phase 3, as the space as the Heart Lodge is very intimate. 

**Limited Spaces available **

Pr-registration recommended, 10 spots available.

Tickets $18 Online (Link Below) | $25 Door If Available

Location: Heart Lodge | 1240 14 Ave SW

OSHO® Devavani Meditation - Finding the Divine Voice

In this meditation a gentle, unfamiliar language moves and speaks through the meditator, who becomes an empty vessel.

It deeply relaxes the mind, creates inner peace, and a profound sleep.

This method is an amazingly delicate & calming technique. Devavani (Divine Voice) uses one’s own sounds to make gentle non-language speech (latihan), as well as free movement of the body, and silence, to reach an inner state of awareness. The method is very quiet, offers a beautiful balance of sound, silence and stillness.

An explanation by Osho for this meditation:

“When the unconscious speaks, the unconscious knows no language. It is a very, very old method – ‘speaking in tongues’. It is a wonderful method, one of the most deep and penetrating into the unconscious.”

Wednesday, April 22 | 7 - 830pm

Heart Lodge | 1240 - 14 Ave SW

$11 | $15 Door If Available

Register Online:  Link Below

OR// by Etransfer:

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